Key West Fly and Spin Fishing Charters Fish Report for June 12, 2011

Well, the wind has finally let up for the past 2 days and the Tarpon have been around and willing to take a properly presented fly. Some good heart pounding eats were had and a few cruising Permit showed up on the flats today as well with their dorsal fins exposed giving us a shot at them. We also hooked up with a Jack that decided to steal our perfect cast intended for a 5 foot shark. To end the day we hooked up with a large Barracuda that just exploded on a perfectly presented plug which then made 3 drag screaming runs before a short visit to the boat for a few pictures, a revival, and a release. Remember to revive your fish thoroughly before the release to ensure them a chance to fight again another day.
Til next time tight lines! ——<*)}}}}}}}}}><

Fishing here in the keys has been good at times this spring and we had the opprtunity to fish the Palolo worm hatch which can happen in May and June during the full and/or new moon. During this hatch the large migratory Tarpon congregate and feed on the surface swimming worms in a frenzy like manner. If you place yourself in the right areas at the right time the tarpon will appear out of no where and all you see is silver rolling on the surface all around you frantically eating these worms. The next challenge is getting the Tarpon to see your fly out of the thousands and thousands of worms darting on the surface. This is an angling experience that every serious angler should experience at least once in their lifetime. For me it was the first time and an experience that rates at the top of my fishing experience list. Nothing like seeing large tarpon boatside with no inhibitions about feeding or eating a fly or worm within feet of the boat. If Tarpon is old hat for you and you like a challenge, the larger Permit should become more present on the flats the next couple months and the bonefish are around as well. Til next time, Get Bent and Sling some String!