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Key West Fly & Spin Fishing Charters, Inc. is your best choice for a fun filled productive day of sight fishing on the flats of the Florida Keys for Tarpon, Permit, and Bonefish. Whether you are a novice looking for instruction on your first cast or an avid angler I can I can help you achieve your fishing goals. We specialize in both fly and spin fishing for these prized species so we cater to both types anglers . We will do everything possible to get you to the fish, provide you with professional equipment, casting instruction, and have blast while doing it. We want this to be a fishing experience and memory that will last a lifetime. Get bent and Sling Some String with us here in the beautiful Florida Keys!

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Spring marks Peak Tarpon season which spans March through June.  During this period the Tarpon are migrating.  They make the Florida Keys their home and take advantage of the abundant forage which include smaller baitfish, shrimp, and crabs.

Summer months are a good time as the crowds are smaller.  It is a bit warm, but it is a good time for a slam ( tarpon, permit and bonefish in one day).

Fall is also a great time and the fishing is good for permit, bonefish, smaller class tarpon and resident tarpon.

Winter months are particularly good for sharks & barracuda.

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Fly Fishing Techniques

Fly fishing the flats of the keys is an exhilerating experience as you will be sight fishing and stalking these fish on some of the worlds most pristine flats. This type of fishing will challenge even the best fly angler and your ability to present a fly accurately at a moving target with out spooking the fish. Do everything right, get ready to see your backing! We use a wide variety gear and flies depending on the species with rod sizes ranging from 8-12 weight fly rods and lines.The flies we use imitate shrimp, crabs, and various baitfish that in habit the Florida Keys. Catching even one of these species is an angling accomplishment, get all three in one day and you've achieved the coveted Slam!


Spin Fishing Techniques


For the spin fisherman we use shrimp, crabs, and artificial lures to entice these species to bite and take the presentation. We use medium to heavy gear to tackle these fish depending on the targeted species. These fish make long hard runs when hooked and is an exciting experience as you can see the fish from the stalk, to the take and fight, and if all goes well, landing the fish. Catching even one of these species is an angling accomplishment, get all three in one day and you've achieved the coveted Slam!


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