Fishing Reports 2015
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Hello fellow anglers,

This is Captain Steve Hancock checking in with everyone to see how your year has been and hope you all have been getting out on the water and fishing hard.  I like to take this time of year to check in with all my existing clients and those who have showed interest in fishing the Beautiful Florida Keys and Key West where I live, fish, and call home.

The Florida Keys this time of year can be excellent fishing. We have resident Tarpon that are between 5-70 lbs. that can be sight fished now throughout the fall months. Permit and Bonefish are seen tailing and cruising the flats. Casting to these fish is one of the most exciting sight fishing opportunities on flats. The big 3 species are more prevalent this time of year making the "Slam", (catching all three species in one day) more attainable. We have been seeing more numbers of 2-3 lb. bonefish and some good size schools of larger 5-8 lb. bonefish. This is a good sign for the keys bonefish population and we hope this continues in he coming years. This fall is a great time to go for the Slam!

Winter months are great time to escape the cold of the North and try your hand at some of the other species that inhabit the flats such as Barracuda, Jack, Redfish, and Shark. Tarpon, Permit, Bonefish can still be available if the weather and water temps stay stable. Barracuda and Shark provide much of our action on fly and spin gear this time of year.
Just to show how fun these Barracuda can be, a tournament that I participate in called the "CUDA BOWL" is held every January. It features exciting fishing for these lightning fast, jumping, and line peeling predators! If you have never targeted these species, you should. It is action packed and a blast every angler should experience.

Spring marks prime time fishing for large migratory Tarpon. These fish weigh from 70-170 lbs. To get one boat side requires skillful casting, a good hook set, and stamina. Tarpon fishing is one of the most visual and rewarding angling experiences on the planet.

Please contact me to discuss available dates this fall. If you are looking for dates for prime Tarpon season contact me ASAP, the dates go fast!!! I already have bookings for the Tarpon season 2016.

I look forward to getting you to the Fish!

Captain Steve Hancock

Key West Fly and Spin Fishing Charters March Fishing Report:
The temps are heating up and so is the fishing in the Lower Keys And Key West. We have had some great weather with warm days which result in surge of fish pouring into the back country and ocean flats. This makes for some really great Tarpon fishing with big schools and strings of fish moving onto the flats. Permit have been schooling up and have willing to eat well presented fly or crab. Bonefish have been increasingly present and as the waters warm it will only get better. On the cooler days we still target cudas, jacks, and sharks on both g ly and spin gear to bend the rod. Give us a call to get in b on the action here in the beautiful Florida Keys. Captain Steve Hancock

Key West Fly and Spin Fishing Charters Fishing Report March 2015: 
The Key's temperatures and fishing is heating up with tarpon, permit, bonefish cruising the flats. We've been seeing some tarpon move in and up onto the flats in the past couple weeks. We've jumped a few and had some boatside for a quick photo. The Permit have been making their regular and not so regular appearances during the tide cycle and have provided us some opportunities to cast at them in shallow clear water. Remember, these fish have A.D.D. One minute they are coming at you and then switch directions at a moments notice. When tailing they become a more viable target and are more easily seen tipping up slurping up their next meal from the sea bottom. While feeding a black sickle shaped dorsal fin and forked tail glisten in the Sunlight as they penatrate up through the waters surface. That's when a "right on" fly cast is key to feeding these black tailed beauties.  Bonefish have been around and one made it boatside in recent weeks. They are willing to eat a fly or bait when placed correctly. Sharks, Jacks, and Cudas are abundant and provide some great rod bending action. Give me a call to get in on the action!
Captain Steve Hancock, 717-576-4217

Key West Fly Fishing and Spin Fishing Report January/February 2015: 
The fishing in the Lower Keys and Key West can be a blast this time of year. Large Barracudas can be seen grouped up cruising the shallow flats looking for their next meal. These fish also lay up soaking in the sun as the flats warm waiting for bait fish to swim by. They will chase down and eat a fly, lure, or bait if presented correctly. They are lightning fast when they strike, peel off drag and jump out of the water once hooked. At times they will follow your fly or lure all the way to the boat and attack just a few feet in front of you. Its all about stalking them lining up your shot and seeing them eat.  A must on your flats species bucket list! 

Permit!  Well here's a species that can be stalked/caught just about all year. Permit at times seem to have A.D.D. swimming erratically changing direction tipping up to dig for crabs mudding. These prized tailing fish will test your casting skills and patience. A well presented fly is needed to get these prized species to eat. They can also be caught on spinning gear with an accurately placed live crab. 

Jack attack! What is a Jack attack you ask??? Well its when a school of Jacks cruise the channels and flats and aggressively eat a surface fly or lure. If one misses it just keep reeling or stripping and it will get eaten! This is a"Jack Attack". 

Onto sharks! We have several species of sharks here in the keys but the most seen on the flats are black tips, lemons, bulls, bonnet heads, and occasionally hammerheads. They can be caught using fly, lures, or bait. A fly caught shark can be a challenge and alot of fun especially on surface plugs or flies. The sharks are all muscle and will fight fight fight!  Of the sharks I like the Black tip because they are very fast acrobatic fighters and visually appealing. 

Redfish are also up on the flats at times. They are usually schooled up and will take a fly or lure. The lower keys Reds are a bit lighter in color than the reds to our north. They provide a decent head shaking fight.

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