Fishing Reports 2014
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Key West Fly and Spin Fishing Report June and July 2014: The tarpon fishing the last 2 months has been good. We even managed to hit the Palolo worm hatch on the right tide and day giving my anglers several hook ups and rod bending action. Shrimp and crab hatches also give anglers ample opportunities to hook up with tarpon. Permit have been tailing and cruising up on the flats. They have been eating flies well when presented correctly. Schooling and single Bonefish have been seen more and more this time of year on the flats and when hooked provide a drag screaming fight. As we get into the summer and fall months the action and weather heats up for both of these species.The weather had been so nice and calm we managed to get to the reef in the flats skiff and catch some large yellowtail, small dolphin, spanish mackerel, Bonitas, and yellow jacks. Give us a call to get in on the action. Captain Steve Hancock

Key west fly and spin fishing report April 2014: 
By Captain Steve Hancock: Tarpon are here and moving on the ocean and in the back country of the lower keys and Key West. My anglers have been hooking up and even landing some of these fish boat side for a quick picture, revive, and a release. A quick fight with maximum pressure will help ensure the fish doesn't get eaten by a shark and survive the fight. Black tip sharks, lemon sharks, barracudas, jacks, redfish, snappers, have also been biting and are alot of fun on both fly and spinning gear. Give us a call check available dates to get in on the rod bending action. Captain Steve Hancock

Key West Fly and Spin Fishing Charters flats fishing report for Late March 2014:
Fishing the Lower Keys and Key West with Captain Steve Hancock:
My customers this month have been escaping the cold weather from the north and have been hooking up with 60-80 lb Tarpon on the good weather days providing some good fly fishing action. We have also been catching Jacks, Barracudas, Black tips, and Lemon Sharks on fly and spin gear. A school of Jacks or Black tip sharks crashing a top water bait or surface fly is a fun way to bend the rod and feel some hard pulling action. The black tips love to become air born when hooked and provide some spectacular aerial acrobatics. We also have been seeing some Redfish cruising about and Mr. Permit is still around the flats feeding and can be targeted. Fishing for Permit takes a patient, accurate caster who can drop the fly in the zone. These prized fly fishing species will test your skills and patience and are worth the hunt if you are up to the challenge. Tarpon season is here and they have been moving in to our area and will continue migrating through our area into the summer months. Give me a call to get you to any of these amazing fish. They are all fun to catch and can be caught on fly or spin gear.
Captain Steve Hancock, Key West Fly and Spin Fishing Charters,inc.

Key West Fly and Spin Fishing Charters flats fishing report for March 2014:  The fishing in the Lower Keys and Key West has been good for Permit, Tarpon, Jacks, Barracudas, Lemon sharks and Black tip sharks and the occasional Redfish. Permit have been up on the flats tailing up doing headstands while feeding. These fish make brief appearances and if you're at the right place at the right time it'll lead to "moments of opportunity" (as I say).  A quick, gentle, and accurate placement of the fly or live crab is needed to have success.  We have been seeing some singles and some small schools of various size Tarpon in channels and on the flats. One outing we fed 2 on fly and 2 follows and got some good jumps before coming unbuttoned.  Shark, Barracuda, and Jack action are good as well. Give us a call to check available dates and book while we still have some open days.
Lower Keys and Key West Fishing Guide, Captain Steve Hancock

Key West Fly and Spin Fishing Charters fishing report for February 2014:  The fishing for Permit, Barracudas, Jacks, and Sharks in the Lower Keys and Key West has been good, especially on the good weather days.  Tarpon are laid up when weather and water temps are ideal and have been seen rolling.  On one of the trips this week, a client from Tennessee, fed, hooked, and landed a 20 lb Permit on a fly.  Congrats to him for catching one of the most difficult and rewarding flats species in the world to catch.  Presentation is key to getting these fish to eat a fly.  We've been seeing and also had a few shots at Bonefish and Redfish.  As the season moves on and the water temps rise, the Tarpon fishing will continue to get better.  My open dates for Tarpon season are filling up fast so give us a call soon to be sure you reserve your dates in time to get in on the 2014 Tarpon action.  The summer months are great time to have a shot at a Slam (Tarpon, Permit, Bonefish in one day).
Tight lines!  Captain Steve Hancock

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